We Love our Veggies

Colouring Activity & Recipe book

9789821014168 LOVEG

This captivating book is all about promoting healthy eating and introducing Pacific fruits, vegetables, and crops to young explorers like your little ones.
It is suitable for children aged 4 to 10 and is guaranteed to inspire healthy eating habits and a love for vegetables.

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Support Livre neuf
Auteur Collectif
Illustrateur Ropate Kama
Éditeur Healthy Eating
Genre Cuisine, gastronomie, livres en anglais
Date 2022
Tags 9789821014168
Format Size 19 x 25 cm, paperback, 50 pages
EAN 13 9789821014168

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Born from the collaboration between nutritionist Vittoria Pasca and early childhood educator Courtney Underwood-Das, this book is an educational kids colouring, activity and recipe book promoting the consumption of Pacific fruits and vegetables.
Its playful and delicious activities will teach your kids (and the whole family !) about vegetable growing, healthy eating and nutritious cooking.