Pacific Vegan Cookbook

Healthy and Creative Cooking with Pacific Plants

9789821011433 PAVEG

A journey to discover the tasty and nutritious plants the Pacific has to offer. In this cookbook by Fiji-based nutritionist Vittoria Pasca you’ll find over 40 delicious recipes : together with an explanation on why they are good for you.

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Support Livre neuf
Auteur Vittoria Pasca
Illustrateur Monika Fedlmeier
Éditeur Healthy Eating
Genre Cuisine, gastronomie
Date 2020, 2021
Photographe Vittoria Pasca
Format Size 25 x 19,5 cm, hardback cover, 104 pages
EAN 13 9789821011433

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The plant-based cookbook focuses on seven Pacific plants as below. Pacific Vegan describes their nutritional benefits and explains how to prepare them in ways that are healthier and better preserve their nutrients. The cookbook contains over 40 healthy and creative fusion recipes made from local ingredients from the Pacific. They are largely low-fat, low-sugar and completely free from cholesterol.
•    Taro
•    Sweet potato
•    Breadfruit
•    Watercress
•    Cassava
•    Coconut
•    Pineapple

Excerpt from page 3:
"In the South Pacific we're really blessed with an amazing quality and variety of local produce, and this is great not only for our health, but also for our taste buds. Whether you're transitioning towards a plant-based diet or looking for inspiration on how to eat more local produce, this book will support you in your journey. All the recipes have been designed to be healthy, tasty and nutritious. To show you that healthy eating is not at all boring and can actually be delicious. Bonus: all the dishes are completely free from cholesterol (as plants don't contain it...)!"