Nouveau The Reed Dictionary of Maori Place Names

The Reed Dictionary of Maori Place Names

Te Papakupu Ingoa Wahi Maori a Reed

9780790004945 MAPLA03

Reed, 1996.
Third edition.

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Support Livre d'occasion
Auteur A. W. Reed
Éditeur Reed
Genre Langues et linguistique
Date 1996
Format Format 12,5 x 20 cm, broché, 144 pages
EAN 13 9780790004945

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Many Maori place names date back to the very earliest days of habitation of Aotearoa New Zealand. Some in fact, originated in the Hawaiki homeland and were adapted to the new land. Whatever their origin, most reflect the Maori’s closeness to the forces of nature and incorporate common words for everyday things.