Taramoin (english version)

Thio, New-Caledonia 1984-1998

9782343223384 TARAMO-ANG

In her doctoral dissertation, the author showed in 1990 that the cause of failure at school among Pacific Islanders, including the Kanak population, is the transition from their nonwritten native language to a written teaching language. In 1997 and 1998, implementing the author’s propositions in a nursery school in Thio made it possible to assert that early multilingualism and early multiculturalism are possible with an oral tradition, and English in the form of nursery rhymes.

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AuteurNgoc-Anh Tran
CollectionPortes océanes
TagsNouvelle-Calédonie,tradition orale,Thio,langue,institutrice,pluriling
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The Kanak are New Caledonia's autochthonous people. They fail tragically in French schools. In 1977, out of 241 students who graduated from high school, only 5.8% were Kanak. Nickel discovery led to a stupendous economic boom, which left the Kanak behind until 1988.
Regardless of the choice made by New Caledonia voters regarding independence before October 2022, the French language will remain the unifying sociolinguistic link between all New Caledonia ethnic groups. Last, this book’s title, « Taramoin », is the first name of the Kanak schoolteacher who took part in implementing the propositions.