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    A beautiful picture book about a quirky little fish that is famous for walking on its 'hands'.

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    Admiral Bolognaise has just received a letter from Captain Blueberry telling him all about her monster discoveries, and he's not happy about it. Enough is enough he decides, and he embarks on a journey to meet the Captain and tell her what's what and what's not. Can the Admiral show the world that monsters do not exist?« The Journey of Admiral Bolognaise...

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    Captain Blueberry is a mighty adventurer who sails the oceans searching for the unknown and unseen things of the world. People think she is crazy because she believes in monsters. Can Captain Blueberry and First Mate Albert prove to all that monsters do exist?« The Monsters of Tasmania » brings folk tales and sea creatures to life and looks at the...

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    Dans ce roman, l’auteur évoque le malaise des jeunes, la place des femmes et des gays face à la morale puritaine, à la coutume kanak et aux enjeux politiques.

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