The language of Wallis Island


Ouvrage en anglais et wallisien.
Archipelago press, 1995.

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Support Livre d'occasion
Auteur Karl Heinz Rensch
Éditeur Archipelago Press
Genre Langues, linguistique
Date 1981
Tags Wallis, wallisien, langue, Polynésie, Pacifique

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Contents :
Geographical and historical notes
General remarks on the language
Abbreviations and terminology
The sounds of Wallisian
The creation of new words
Language of respect
Characteristic features of Wallisian
Articles and nouns
Location and direction
Adjectives and adverbs
How to express « to be » and « to have »
Personal pronouns
Forming simple sentences
How to ask questions
Possessive particles
Possessive adjectives
Time and date
Forms of greeting
Time and date
Forms of greetinf
Useful expressions
Lexicon Wallisian-English
Lexicon English-Wallisian
Map of Wallis Island