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Saving the Spotted Handfish

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A beautiful picture book about a quirky little fish that is famous for walking on its 'hands'.

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Support Livre neuf
Auteur Gina Newton
Illustrateur Rachel Tribout
Éditeur CSIRO
Genre Jeunesse - documentaires
Date 2020, 2021
Tags livres en anglais, SILO, documentaire jeunesse, children non fiction
Format Format 29 x 22,5 cm, relié, couverture rigide, 36 pages
EAN 13 9781486311842

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Have you ever seen a fish that could do a handstand?

This is the story of a quirky and primitive little fish that is famous for two reasons: walking on its ‘hands’ (pectoral fins), and being one of the first marine fish in the world to be listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The Spotted Handfish has survived since the time of the dinosaurs – until now. Invasive seastars, pollution and climate change mean that this unique Australian is in serious trouble – hands up if you want to know more!

Reading level varies from child to child, but we recommend this book for ages 6-10.