Yana's treasure

9782954049847 YATRE

Stéphane Moysan takes us, with his heroine Yana, in a fabulous journey that will make us discover New Caledonia through a fantasy abounding.

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Auteur Stéphane Moysan
Éditeur Stéphane Moysan
Genre Jeunesse - albums
Date 2017
Tags nouvelle caledonie,jeunesse,album,New Caledonia,youth album,treasure
EAN 13 9782954049847

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Since she's been staying over at her grandfather's in Noumea, it's been the same story every night : Yana dreams that she's travelling accross the New Caledonia seeking a fabulous treasure. Unfortunately, every time she's about to lay her hands on it, she wakes up and the treasure disappears ! But tonight, she isn't going to let that happen : as a curious and audacious little girl, Yana decides to seek this mysterious treasure. Along the way, she will encounter memorable people and creatures who will make her discover the magic of New Caledonia. No sooner said than done... Let the adventure begins !