New Caledonia: Know Her to Love Her

A Documentary Surveyof the French Colony with illustrations


Édition George A. Jones. Sydney Pty Ltd, 1943 revised edition
Auteur : H.P. Schmidt, H.D.A., Late Assistant Professor La Perouse College
Livre en anglais.

Livret édité spécialement pour les soldats américains présents en Nouvelle-Calédonie pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

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Support Livre ancien
Auteur H. P. Schmidt
Éditeur George A. Jones (Sydney), Pty. Ltd.
Genre Documentaires
Date 1944
Tags Nouvelle-Calédonie, histoire, livre en anglais
Format Format 14 x 15 cm, agrafé, 83 pages avec 30 illustrations NB

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Prefatory note
This book is not for children ; as it title shows, it has been specially written for the United States Servicemen at present in New Caledonia.
It will enable them to acquire in a few weeks sufficient of our French language to get on with the people of this island, in company, in the street, in the different shops and with the trades people.
Having taught both English and French for 27 years at « La Pérouse Collège » we have long since come to the conclusion that a fair knowledge of grammar is indispensable. We have made it herein as simple but at the same time as clear as possible.
As for the pronunciation, in every Camp there will be, we are sure, one or more men speaking sufficient French to teach it to the future learner. In our introduction we have given the approximate pronunciation of the vowels and of a few diphtongs.
H. S.