Pacific Archeology : Assements and prospects.

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This book with its collection of papers presents a diversified perspective on the state of archaeological research in Oceania at the beginning of the new millennium. The papers, which were presented during a conference held in August 2002 celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first excavation at capita, cover topics focusing on issues from South-East Asia to Melanesia and East Polynesia, from Australia to Micronesia and New Zealand.

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AuteurChristophe Sand
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Some papers present major syntheses on archaeological issues central to the understanding of the region, while others are field reports or initial presentations of ongoing research programs. Some have been written by long established international scholars and others by the new emerging generation of Pacific archaeologists. The diversity of the subjects discussed, from Pleistocene dynamics in Near Oceania to the spread of the Lapita Cultural Complex, from ceramic chronologies to the evolution of rock art, from the development of late prehistoric Polynesian chiefdoms to the present-day re-appropriation of the past by the people of Oceania, clearly emphasize the multitude of topics that comprise archaeological research in the Pacific today.